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Nice sites to earn free bitcoins

This section touches on earning bitcoins by viewing ads and referring people to do likewise. There are huge number of paid-to-click sites out there and some are great while others not so because they do not pay out. The good news is you do not lose money. The bad news is you would have wasted your time and effort.

These are some of the sites that I personally tried and liked because they are relatively hassle-free, easy to earn by viewing ads and referring people in to build a passive income by getting referral fees. MOST IMPORTANTLY, they pay out the bitcoins.

Recommended sites:

1. Bitcoinget.com

2. BTCclicks.com

3. Coinad.com

4. Earnfreebitcoins.com

5. Mybitcoinrewards.com

6. Bitvisitor.com

7. Freebitco.in

While you are having fun getting started and all, do exercise caution though when viewing the ads because they might be scammers asking for bitcoins and money or your personal information such as cellphone numbers and addresses or sites that do not pay for your efforts. There are also a huge number of gambling sites in the ads.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions with these sites and I will try my best to answer them.

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